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Anyone who is organising a community activity knows how difficult it can be to find a suitable hall, taking into account such factors as size, expense, acoustics, suitable location. The EBW has two halls which satisfy all these requirements and more. It is within walking distance of Shrewsbury town centre with nearby municipal parking.


The building currently provides access to the arts and leisure through a regular timetable of classes, including life drawing, portrait painting, wellbeing art sessions and tai-chi. The halls are also available for exhibitions. 

The link below enables you to request bookings for the Upper Hall and Lower Hall.  The EBW books its halls out in 3 blocks of morning, afternoon and evening, and there is a minimum booking of 3 hrs.  Bookings should be made for morning, afternoon or evening blocks (or all day) but other times can be arranged according to availability.

For information regarding booked activities, and to contact any of the resident artists, please use the contact information given in the studios and classes section.

To book a hall, please use the link below:

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