The EBW has been granted the Former Abbey School by Shropshire Council through the Community Asset Transfer Scheme. Community assets are land and buildings owned or managed by community organisations who have a long history of using assets to bring long term social, economic, and environmental improvements to their local area. Asset transfer refers to the shift in management and/or ownership of buildings from public bodies (in this case Shropshire Council) to local community and voluntary groups or charities. The Former Abbey School building is in process of being transferred to EBW, as part of the local Council process of Asset transfer.


The EBW has completed the Initial and Formal Expression of Interest, and has now had formal confirmation that the panel have unanimously decided that the EBW meets all the requirements to be granted control of the building. This will help to ensure the longevity of the organisation and the building. The Trustees plan to carry out an extensive internal renovation project once the Transfer has taken place, to modernise the building. 


Below is our existing business plan. We intend to revise this plan this year (2017) The plan sets out of vision for the future of the English Bridge Workshop and details what we want to do and how we intend to achieve these aims.